My Boyfriend…the Artist

You guys.

I’m starting a Zazzle store. This has been in the works for a while now…but Brian has finally agreed to share something with you. His art.

Yep. His. Art. He has art.

Without further ado, or a whole lot of rambling…I give you a whole lot of awesome.

Art of Brian Moran Art of Brian Moran Art of Brian Moran Art of Brian Moran Art of Brian Moran

Birthday Giveaway #2

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s surprise giveaway (which will run until tomorrow morning), you should go check it out. Plus you get the story of my birth, from, you know…my mom. Today, a random commenter will receive the very first Brian Moran original art coffee mug. Choose the piece that you like best from the pieces above (oh and tell me what you like about it!), and the coffee mug could be yours. As always, sharing is caring…and people who share get bonus entries.

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I Was Born on Memorial Day 525,600 Minutes. It’s my Bloggiversary Golden Birthday! (And a Giveaway!)


  1. I love the one with hands transforming into birds! Its filled with metaphors, I presume 😛
    Awesome work! Although I would love to win I don’t think I am able to compete with other commentators as the shipping would cost you fortune! 😉

  2. He is quite the artist. I love it! Great work on the hands and birds piece!

  3. I’m partial to the dragonfly/scorpion thingie. It’s cool and mysterious!

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